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Hot Air Balloon Ride over Tequila

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A tour full of entertainment, tradition and history.

The most traditional white drink of the country is a fundamental pillar of the economic and cultural growth of the region. Its cultural inheritance has a relation with several centuries that left archaeological monuments and constructions of great artistic, architectural and historical content. Dare to live through this rare adventure in a hot air balloon.

Discover initially the tequila through a video projection.

Visit a tequila factory to see the process of production of the tequila and then enjoy a professional tasting experience of tequila.

Admire the landscape of plants of tequila from the sky. The takeoff from the port, in a place located near the town  of Amatitan and 1 hour from Guadalajara.

The adventure begins with to roar of the burner and the temperance of the flight, with the colors of the dawn being reflected in the land that gives life to the mountain, to the volcano, to the blue plants of tequila, and to the globe that seemed that its born at the moment to get conceited.

Eat traditional Mexican cuisine in a restaurant.
1 hour hot air balloon flying experience
Biligual Tour Guide
Bottle of Water
Admission to Documentary Video and Museum
Transport from/ to Hotel or your Private Address
Departures Daily Departures: Monday - Sunday
What time? From 6:00 am - 2:00 pm aprox.
Where we depart from? We pick you up at your hotel or private address in the Guadalajara Metro area
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Enjoy your best day learning the ins and outs of the tequila industry during our Tequila Trip
Hot air balloon ride is for those who dream floating like clouds and see the world from above, this is the your perfect adventure. Feel like you're in one Jules Verne novels.   Expert and licensed Pilots at Jalisco are Mexico experts will rise into the air to get so high that you can caress the clouds. The picture becomes unmanageable with the view, the mountains, the plains, the clean atmosphere.   A special moment like this has to be celebrated with a toast. To your Health must be said for the thrill of being there, for the world, for life, to feel that you are touching the sky.
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Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Tequila

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